Follow the shell and the arrow

Follow the shell and the arrow

Getting lost makes a long day – Our target today is Persues when we set off late at about ten o’clock after a protracted breakfast.

P1010094P1010093We enjoy some of the best walking yet through protected parkland full of livestock.





There are lots of views of the sea and we eventually descend into SAN VINCENTE DE BARQUERA, crossing the long medieval bridge and settling for lunch by the pretty harbour.





A lot of this section of walk has reminded me a lot of my native Cornwall and this little fishing village has the feel of Padstow with its sand bar and colourful fishing boats.





The walk out and upwards rewards us with stunning views of the coast and the river.


On the hills Mike is still much quicker than me despite his injury that he is trying to ignore and soon he is out of sight . After an hour or so I begin to worry a bit as usually he has stopped at a suitable point to let me catch up but there is no sight of him and I presume he has found a burst of energy and decided to march on. Nearing SEREDO I receive a text telling me that he had lost the trail soon after the ascent out of San Vincente and is actually behind me. He has found some walking partners and would catch up. Relieved, I find a bar in Seredo and wait with a cold beer and have a beer and sandwich ready for Mike who pitches up soon after.


The room we have booked in Persues has nowhere near to eat and, lacking provisions to feed ourselves we decide to walk on to Unqueres where we find a very tidy little pension.

Over a meal of fish and soup we discuss the merits and negatives of continuing our walk through Oviedo and the Primitivo. My partner is suffering again from a nagging injury and today’s long walk has not helped it. He is naturally concerned that the longer stretches and the long climbs on the Primitivo might leave us exposed if anything goes wrong. We leave any decision until a later date but I am happy to continue along the Norte if that is what is deemed necessary. We have a few days to decide and, at this point we both hope that the injury will pass.

Que cera……..