It's a pretty path out of Poo

It’s a pretty path out of Poo


lovely walking

lovely walking


A ( brief ) parting of the ways – I should have known when I realised I had left my ipod under my pillow that today would be a disaster. I decide to return to the casa rural to retrieve the ipod and  Mike walks on alone. We would catch up at a breakfast spot along the way. Or so I think. Mike finds breakfast and a small shop to stock up on provisions for lunch just a couple of kms down the road. But in my hurry to catch him up I miss him. This was to be the only chance of a breakfast until after midday.


I end up walking alone all morning. A lovely walk ’tis true but without any sustenance I feel the miles.


I meet a lovely French woman in her seventies and we fall into conversation. She is walking alone her seventh or eighth Camino. She has always wanted to walk the Norte and is walking from her home near Paris. She is as nimble as a mountain goat and is actually slowing herself down to chat with me. When I mention my need to find some coffee and carbs she kindly shares her last little crust of bread and a square of chocolate with me. Just enough to take away the nagging hunger but her kindness certainly lifts the spirits mightily. Another Camino ‘Angel’.

Mike and I eventually meet up at midday in NAVES. He has been behind me all this time having enjoyed his breakfast! I manage some food and get some provisions in NUEVA to eat later and we set off again.


There is a handsome church at SAN PEDRO DE PRIAL. It sits aloft a small hill proclaiming its importance. Mike is ahead of me and reaches the church first.


I circumnavigate, taking pictures and exploring for a few minutes. I look for Mike but cannot find him and presume he has gone on and so I head off down the valley.

After a couple of kms we text each other and I discover that he is still at the church where he has decided to have lunch. I cannot face returning up the hill I have just come down and decide to eat what I have in a lovely little spot by a Roman bridge and a little river.



Mike has most of the fresh sandwich fillings with him but I have enough for a refreshing meal. It is strange, I think to myself, how important food and the little rituals of eating and drinking have become. In most of the blogs I read I notice a growing obsession with food and the minutia of what to eat. I wait some time but my partner is still not in sight so I set off again.


Eventually we meet up not far from RIBADASELLA and we make our way to the hotel Mike has booked.

A view from the hotel balcony

A view from the hotel balcony



We are right on the Promenade a stone’s throw from the sea and while Mike settles in I do the usual and go for a stroll to explore the surroundings and do a reconnaissance.

one of the amazing hotels on the promenade

one of the amazing hotels on the promenade

the promenade

the promenade

At supper the conversation again falls into planning and it becomes clear that we seem to have different agendas for the walk. We had agreed before we started the walk that we should not be ‘joined at the hip’ and after full and very frank discussion we decide to walk separately for a while and to see what transpires. I will make my way to Oviedo , probably by bus. From there I will continue along the Primitivo. Mike would continue along the Norte perhaps taking the route through Oviedo as he is keen to see the cathedral.


With this thought in mind I find sleeping difficult and am awake very early to set off the next morning.