A day on my own – Having made the decision to go it alone I had a restless sleep and I am up early to dress and to take a walk along the Promenade to think things over and to make a plan. My first idea is to catch a bus straight to Oviedo and from there to start the two week walk on the Primitivo after a rest day. I leave at about seven intending to catch the bus but as I pass the yellow arrow that points  off to the right I cannot resist the thought of walking  and head out  along the river towards COLLUNGA where I will decide what to do next.P1010233


Follow the river out of town

Mike and I had rarely actually walked side by side as he has a much faster walking rhythm than me, especially on hills. I had got used to watching him disappear into the distance often with his ipod plugged into his ears listening to his meditation tape and it is strange today not to have that stretchy bit of elastic band between us.


A little village full of wall art at SAN PEDRO


I walk with a kind of numbness through ancient villages and along sea cliffs that remind me of Cornwall.

More wall art

More wall art


Towards the coast again


Grain and food stores typical of the area




This could be Cornwall



All too soon I reach Collunga where I work out that I have to wait until the mid afternoon for a bus to Oviedo. I am strangely very tired and so I find a spot in the shade in a little garden and try to sleep for an hour or so before getting the bus that speeds me via VILLAVICOSIA into the lovely town of OVIEDO. I follow my nose and the brass shells that are impressed in the pavement until I reach the centre and the Cathedral and soon I have found a relatively inexpensive little hotel that is right on the Camino trail.


Oviedo Cathedra


As I sit outside the Cathedral watching the world go by I feel a nagging worry for my partner. He has not been well but has stoically hidden the fact. How would he do on his own? How would I do? I text him to ask how his day has been and how he is managing and where he has got to. He returns a text to say that in his opinion we had started this together and maybe we should try to finish it together. He would meet me in Oviedo and we would give the Primitivo a bash. He will get a bus tomorrow and we will talk about it then.


Serving the local cider. The real show offs don’t look at the glass!

Relieved I feel a definite lightness of mood and can enjoy an evening walk around Oviedo, some cider that is poured from a great height and with amazing skill into my glass, a meal of octopus and a good nights sleep. My sleep has often been disturbed by my partner who is finding sleep increasingly difficult as the trip has progressed and his injury/illness has become increasingly troublesome.


We will see what tomorrow brings.